The Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association
Encouraging • Supporting • Defending
Your Family • Your Faith • Your Freedom
The NCHEA believes that God gave the responsibility for educating
 children to parents and not to the state
Since 1986, the NCHEA has been
·      Encouraging and supporting Christian families in the education
       of their children at home
·      Defending the rights of Christian parents to homeschool
·      Conducts an annual state Conference and Curriculum Fair
·      Conducts a Kids Conference
·      Conducts a Teen Conference
·      Sponsors a Graduate Recognition
·      Sponsors a Legislative Day
·      Sends out a Quarterly Newsletter
·      Provides speakers for support groups
·      Maintains a website and Facebook page
·      Helps families locate or start local support groups
·      Monitors the Legislature for detrimental bills
·      Testifies on bills or rule changes which affect homeschool rights
·      Provides Legislative Alerts to members
·      Conducts Candidate Surveys
·      Has two registered lobbyists
·      Consults with state senators and educational officials
·      Works with Home School Legal Defense Association
Join with the NCHEA in Encouraging, Supporting, And Defending
Your Family, Your Faith, and Your Freedom

The membership fee is $24 and primarily covers expenses, such as the “NCHEA News,” the “Legislative Alerts,” and reduced registration fees at the Conference.
Because the NCHEA is a non-profit 501(c)(4), memberships, donations, and gifts to the NCHEA are not deductible for personal income tax purposes.

The expiration date of your NCHEA membership is printed on the name and address label used to mail the newsletter.

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