Conference & Curriculum Fair – Q & A

Is the NCHEA planning to have a C&CF in 2019?

Absolutely!  March 8 and 9, 2019!

As requested by Conference attendees, the NCHEA is excited to announce that Davis and Rachael Carman will be keynote speakers at the NCHEA’s 2019 Conference & Curriculum Fair, March 8 and 9, 2019. Davis Carman is President of Apologia Educational Ministries,\daviscarman\. Rachel Carman can be found at

Mark your calendars now.

More speakers to be announced……stay tuned!!! 

Thanks again for making the 2018 Conference & Curriculum Fair a success! We have received many positive comments regarding the featured speakers and the workshop lineup. 

We are looking forward to 2019’s Conference & Curriculum Fair.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  Please submit ideas to the NCHEA at with Conference Suggestions in the subject line.  

Is the NCHEA C&CF dying?


While it is true some states, have noticed a downward trend in attendance at state Conference & Curriculum Fairs, this is not the case with the NCHEA’s C&CF. We believe this means we have been doing a lot of things well!  Nevertheless, we continually strive to improve our C&CF each year. 

Large for-profit conferences are a factor in declining attendance at state sponsored conferences. The large for profit conferences may provide expanded shopping, and many speakers due to their format. They do not provide informational support to homeschoolers in the state or legislative support at the state or federal level that state organizations provide.

What are the attendance levels at the NCHEA C&CF?

The C&F’s annual attendance / participation for years 2013 through 2018 has been stable and has averaged approximately 1,400. 

In spite of the national trend of declining attendance, the attendance/participation in the NCHEA C&CF has been stable and we are actively working to improve attendance at our C&CF by staying abreast of current trends and market changes.

Why does the NCHEA C&CF date vary so much?

The Conference date is chosen each year by juggling the calendar! As the NCHEA C&CF is held in two churches, NCHEA must work around the schedules of the churches, Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday. Additionally, two large for-profit conferences and 4 regional conferences are held in the spring, occupying 3-4 weekends out of March and April. In order to attract exhibitors, our C&CF date must not conflict with these larger conferences.  The date can change drastically related to where Easter falls on the calendar. We try to avoid a late April date, as we know it will impact those homeschoolers involved in agriculture. Due the factors listed above, sometimes the late April date can’t be avoided.

At this time, 2019’s conference is scheduled for March 8 and 9, 2019.

Why wasn’t an exhibitor from previous NCHEA C&CFs at the conference in 2018?

The NCHEA invites all the major curriculum suppliers to be exhibitors. Exhibitors make the choice which curriculum fairs they will attend. Exhibitors incur significant expenses in attending a conference, e.g. travel, lodging, meals, and in some cases the inventory they bring to the conference. They no doubt factor these costs and the potential sales at a small conference like Nebraska’s into the decision to attend a conference. This is why it is important for Nebraska homeschoolers to support the conference with their attendance and by making purchases from exhibitors on site during the conference.

Why did the NCHEA institute no children in workshops?

The NCHEA leadership loves children; our families are comprised of a plethora of children and grand children. The issue is not a dislike of children; it is an issue of the appropriateness of children, including teenagers, attending an event organized and presented for adults/parents.

The Conference has always been considered and is advertised as a “parent learning” experience. The NCHEA has not and does not encourage children to attend the Conference. The Conference advertising urges parents to make other arrangements for their children. The NCHEA tries to assist parents in attending the Conference with the Kids Conference and a Teen Conference. If parents would like their children to listen to workshops, our suggestion would be to purchase a copy of that workshop on CD/MP3 and listen as a classroom experience or as a family experience.

The adult/parent Conference has never been planned as a family conference, but as a professional conference to train and equip home educating parents. It is really no different than a professional conference for physicians, bankers, CPAs, teachers etc. Children, from nursing babies to teenagers, are not allowed to attend professional workshops/seminars.

Yes, we have received feedback about “no children in workshop” policy, both positive and negative from attendees. Many attendees were grateful for the space in workshops and the lack of disruption caused by children. Many of the speakers thanked us also as children are very distracting to a speaker.

Why does the NCHEA require children to be with their parents at all times?

The NCHEA’s primary concern is the safety of children! The building is a public building. There are hundreds of people milling around the building and leaving any child unattended in a public building is an unsafe situation.. The building is open to the public; the situation is no different than shopping in a large store/building where “child-snatching” could be an issue.

Who are considered children?

Children living in your home, including teenagers, are considered children.

Why isn’t there a Curriculum Fair/Hall only option?

Due to the fact that the curriculum fair is not separate from other Conference activities, a curriculum fair pass only is not offered. We believe the cost to attend the Conference is very reasonable. Also, when taking into consideration the savings in shipping cost when buying at the Conference, the cost is very reasonable!

Why does the NCHEA require attendees to wear/have their name tags visible?

Name-tags are the means to verify that attendees have actually paid to attend the C&CF; this is no different from other events where the attendees show proof that the admission fee has been paid.

Why is the Conference held each year at Indian Hills Community Church (IHCC)?

IHCC has the physical plant/facilities that are necessary for the Conference in its traditional format with exhibitors, keynote speakers, and workshops and has graciously allowed the NCHEA to use its facility for more than 20 years without charge.

The NCHEA believes a workman is worthy of his hire. Accordingly, the NCHEA gives a donation to IHCC for use of the facility.

As we look to the future and the growth of homeschooling in Nebraska, we may need to seek a new venue.

Why should I support the Conference as an attendee?

The funds generated by the Conference support the NCHEA’s other activities including Legislative Day, an educational day for families to learn about state government and meet with state officials.  Also, expenses related to lobbying efforts defending parental rights to homeschool in Nebraska, Legislative Alerts and costs related to providing information to those seeking information about homeschooling in Nebraska.  Attendance at conferences in other states does not support the organization that defends your right to homeschool in Nebraska. Your membership in the state organization, NCHEA, comes with conference attendance. Membership keeps you informed on what is happening in Nebraska.


If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the NCHEA C&CF, please submit ideas to the NCHEA at with Conference Suggestions in the subject line.   We need to know what you think!